Základní škola, Praha 13, Kuncova 1580

   Some important information about our school

   The Basic School KUNCOVA 1580 in Prague 13 is located approximately 20 minutes from the center of Prague by metro.


   This large and modern school is in the neighbourhood of public park on one side and the old residential area called “STODŮLKY” on the other side. The metro station “Stodůlky” takes five minutes walk to the school.


   The school curriculum is concentrated on Mathematics and Foreign Languages. The pupils who will finish the second year of compulsory education can pass entrance examination to the special language class. The pupils who will finish the fifth year of compulsory education can pass entrance examination to the class with larger education of Mathematics.


   Our school is known and renowned in high-quality teaching of Mathematics. The teachers of our school regularly organize mathematics’ competitions for all schools in Prague. The most known of them is called ”Matematická olympiáda”. The children who study in the mathematical classes have six lessons of Mathematics every week. The level of these classes is traditionally very high.


   Pupils in the classes with direction towards to the foreign languages as French, English and German study four lessons of English and four lessons of French or German in compulsory way. The learning of two languages is possible from the sixth class.


   The teachers of foreign languages annually organize the excursions of exploring the foreign countries or exchanging stays to The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France and Switzerland.


   The headmaster PaedDr.Pavel Petrnoušek is very flexible, active in new school orientation and he is able to support all interesting, modern and inspirative ideas. Our school has about 530 pupils and 34 teachers. The thoughts of the school are lively, young and can correspond with the school atmosphere.